About OGR

Welcome Outside Gear Review! My name is Adam. I am a husband, friend, runner, tech-nerd, artist, and outdoors lover.   That’s my wife, my two Brittanys (Jude and Rigby), and me in the picture.  Yeah yeah, it’s kind of corny and posed, but the truth is, my family LOVES the outdoors.  There’s not much more we would rather be doing than hiking with our dogs.  My wife and I are what you might call yuppie hippies…we live in the city, but take any chance we can get to escape to the forests, mountains, and fresh air. In fact, when we got married, instead of registering for plates and home decor, our registry was filled with tents, outdoor cooking stoves, and sleeping bags! People said we’re crazy, but outdoors enthusiasts know our head was in the right place!

I have created a couple of product review sites that revolve around activities I love.  My wife and I are both runners, so I started RunnersGearReview.com almost a year ago to provide runners with a trusted source for running gear reviews. It has worked well since running is definitely a passion of ours. So, I figured, why not start another review site for the outdoors enthusiast? I’ve looked around, and there isn’t a great place for this online, so I set up this site. Outside Gear Review is a website where we can provide you with high quality reviews for both products we have personally used and can attest for as well as a website to display other’s opinions of the outside gear they have used and abused.

Want to review and rate an outdoor product that you love or hate? Great! We need your help to make this site valuable for the readers. Just click on “Sign In” on the home page, click “Register”, pick a username and password, and you’re set.

Thanks for checking out Outside Gear Review. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you!