Petzl Sama Climbing Harness

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A rock climbing harness that features elasticized leg loops, the Petzl Sama Climbing Harness is perfect for cragging and long rock routes. For unrestricted and precise movement, the elastic leg loop has a large range of expansion to keep the harness in the optimum fit position. Perforated foam padding with polyester mesh lining provides outstanding breathability and comfort when the route is bakin’. The pre-threaded DoubleBack waist buckle adjusts quickly with a single pull, and the green belay loop helps identify the correct tie-in point. Ridged front gear loops and out of the way flexible rear loops keep your hip rack at easy access. Additional gear conscious details feature a trail line loop and two Caritool slots.

Specifications :

  • Recommended Use: Rock climbing.
  • Material: High-strength polyester webbing, Polyethylene/EVA foam, Perforated closed cell foam, Woven polyester 3D mesh, High-strength mono-filament nylon mesh.
  • Frame Construction with breathable monofilament mesh distributes pressure and provides maximum support and comfort.
  • Adjustability: DoubleBack waist buckle adjusts quickly with a single pull.
  • Green belay loop helps identify proper tie-in / attachment point.
  • Reinforced tie-in points for increased high-wear durability.
  • Elasticized leg loops have a large range of expansion for correct fit.
  • Detachable elastic leg loop straps.
  • Gear Loops: (4) rigid, inclined front gear loops, flexible rear loops.
  • Trail line loop.
  • Two CARITOOL slots.
  • Weight: Not specified.


“This harness is better than most. Don’t get me wrong. But if you want to get picky – and I do – it’s a little bulky and does not breathe well. So, while it is definitely comfortable to sit in – it takes up a lot of room in your bag, and perspiration builds up under the swami and leg loops.
I know. Most harnesses are bulky and this is in the middle of the pack for bulkiness. And most harnesses don’t breathe well. So, this is probably in the middle of the pack there too. In all other ways, this harness excels. The problem is that I’m comparing this to two older alpine harnesses that were not comfortable as well as one old, and one new arcteryx harness – both of which are comfortable to sit in – especially the new one that fits since I’ve lost weight.”

“I like this harness a lot for how light it is and how breathable it feels.the leg loops are very comfortable and the gear loops are well designed. I also love the fact that it has a colorful tie in point that is easy for the belayer to check.”

“I’ve been climbing for about a year and a half and I got this harness and I’m never going back. It is comfortable and easy to get into and out of. It is a great harness for indoor and outdoor climbing. If you are looking for a comfortable well performing harness then look no further”

You can buy the Petzl Sama Climbing Harness from for only $69.95!

Petzl Sama Climbing Harness

Performance elastic leg loop fit with vented padding, quick adjust buckle and multiple gear loops.

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