Old Town Camper 16 Canoe with Web Seats

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  • Surprisingly fast for a 16-foot canoe, with a wide, flat bottom that provides reassuring stability when canoeing with younger family members.
  • Oltonar/Royalex?® construction gives canoe high impact- and abrasion-resistance, plus excellent structural memory and resilience.
  • Oltonar/Royalex? is lightweight while offering excellent strength and toughness.
  • Features ash-framed web seats, contoured ash portage yoke and thwart?, durable vinyl gunwales?, molded polyethylene decks with integral grab handles.


“We have been in the Camper with the boys on flat rivers, lakes and Puget Sound, often with the boys hanging over one edge or the other “paddling”, dragging their hands in the water, or “fishing” with toy nets. This boat is STABLE. I really thought I would miss out on paddling on the Sound, but as long as the wind is down, it is super on the big water. The one drawback to the hull design is that it doesn’t have great tracking when the wind is up, but the stability in waves, the light weight and the carrying capacity more than make up for it.
On the carrying capacity, check the specs. You will not find many 16 footers that can carry more. Many of them carry anywhere from 200 to 400 lbs less.
After lugging around the kids and the gear, it was a great surprise to take it out solo and paddle backwards from the bow seat. I covered a surprising amount of distance at surprising speed – all the while staying dry an having some room to move around (unlike the old kayaks). Not only is this my current boat, it is my next boat.”

“I conducted a solo through paddle of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail in one of these. I’m a bigger guy at 6’3″ 270lbs and needed a canoe large enough to hold me and my gear. This canoe, with some additional outfitting served me well on 740 miles of lakes, rivers, swamps, and portages. It is very stable and I really enjoyed standing up and poling this up rivers.”

“what a lovely boat. It feels calm and relaxed to paddle, it heels without any effort but feels confident and stable, it responds well to input and although it doesn’t spin super quick like a short solo, it doesn’t take any strength or effort. It sort of feels like all the corners have been rounded off, if that makes any sense.
Although this particular boat gets paddled on WW, but adrenaline doesn’t seem to be what this boat is about. but I still feel relaxed and chilled out a few hours later. If this boat was water, it would be a warm bubblebath, with scented candles round the edges! (sorry, that was my Top Gear moment!)
It looks lovely and traditional with those recurved ends and paddles just like I imagine a trad boat should, if I was just pottering around with nowhere to go in particular, just wanting to hear the song and feel my cares wash away, I would happily grab this boat.”

You can buy the Old Town Camper 16 Canoe with Web Seats from Rei.com for only $1599.00!


Old Town Camper 16 Canoe with Web Seats

Engineered to allow the whole family to feel at ease, the Camper is a general-purpose canoe that is equally at home on ponds, lakes and rivers.

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